About Us

For 34 years, RTI has successfully managed to innovate the way rail flaw detection works.

We are experts in this industry and are confident in our world leading technologies.


Our philosophy of technology design is fundamentally different to that of our competitors. We have altered and innovated how automated systems design is done, improving Technology Architecture and Vehicle Platforms so you get the best possible outcome.

About us

Since 1988 the RTI team has been dedicated all aspects of railroad maintenance. We have proven success in finding the smallest of rail inclusions, so they can be proactively managed before damage is caused, rather than just reacting to track decay like other NDT companies. We are passionate about innovating the technology within our industry and have a development team producing equipment to assist us in better rail flaw detection here in Australia and across the world.

Our vision 

Our team has always been and always will be committed to research and development for our industry. We know that technology plays a fundamental role in the efficiency of our testing process and can help our clients to detect and fix problems faster. We are drivers of technology development within our industry and are invested in producing world-leading technologies.

Our solution

RTI know that if 300 microns can initiate failure in heavy haul railways then the reflectors of this small magnitude should be their target. We are using world-leading technologies like SurfaceMap and other Artificial Intelligence software and hardware to detect even the smallest of defects. Our services are preventative, providing seamless track management and ensuring rail safety for all.


This compact system is not limited to just a 4×4, it can also be fitted to any hi-rail, rail bound, or push trolley platform

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High speed multi-channel eddy current system, designed for surface defect condition reporting.

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Comprehensive visual map based infrastructure database, for track maintenance decisions.

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In 34 years we have serviced clients from all corners of the globe.

We know that different countries have different railroad regulations. Our experience has enabled us to become experts and we are comfortable providing a seamless service to any country.

RTI has been providing rail testing systems and services globally for over 34 years. With a growing global presence, RTI’s rail testing technology is recognised worldwide to be at the forefront of the rail flaw detection industry.

For Global Partnerships.

We partner with our clients, to service their needs through innovations and advance technological solutions.

Global operations

We service clients all around the world.